Detto Pietro was founded in the far 1895 and offers high tech tailor-made racing bikes.
Detto Pietro offers tailor-made products also for high-end mountain bike and more and more agreeable the use of  the bike in the city
through a line of first-class city bikes.
Detto Pietro also offers a wide range of products of the best trademarks.
Detto Pietro is located in the heart of Milan with a great, shining and very equiped shop.
The company works on the principle that every athlete should have a tailor-made bicycle to help him better exploit his capacity.
To meet this need, Detto Pietro's bicycles are custom according to the individual customer's physical requirements, using the most
technologically advanced components available in the market.
For amateur cyclists - the core segment of the bicycle market - owning a Detto Pietro bike is a source a great pride and technical satisfaction